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Windows not recognizing reg keys after clean boot but does after restart

Discussion in 'Windows' started by littlewit, Jan 27, 2017.

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  1. littlewit

    littlewit HummingBird

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    Hey Guys,

    Just builded a new system for a client of mine.

    It needed cam software for the hue+ where it woudn't start up from a clean boot but it always does from restart. so i contacted NZXT and they tried to help me with this problem.

    But then i went to try enabling numblock in login screen, you know just a regedit fix right...

    Well random problem it works after restart but not on clean boot same as the cam software wich runned fine for like 3 days at first.

    I'm thinking ... Windows issue ? or bios/cmos related anyone got an idea to fix this?


    i7 - 6700

    4x4GB corsair ram 2133 mhz (ddr4)

    Asus z170 pro gaming (atx version) latest bios installed

    asus Gtx 1070 dual OC

    samsung 850 evo 500GB

    and windows 10 pro version 1607

    Thx in advance

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