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Win10 Raid

Discussion in 'Windows' started by littlewit, Jan 28, 2017.

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  1. littlewit

    littlewit HummingBird

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    Hello, Recently i've posted about error on installing Win10 on my m2 ssd (stop code: Memory Management) now i've resolved the problem by setting the sata controller inside bios into RAID from AHCI,
    well I don't know what would the effect of that setting. can anyone explain it too me?
    and also after installing win10. i tried again to turn it back to AHCI but it wont boot so again i turn it to RAID.
    (my mobo is gigabyte gh170 3) will it affect anything to my system? i'm also not certain if im running on raid cause on my intel RST. i dont see any raid storage.

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