Will i5-5250U CPU bottleneck a GTX 1070 ti?

I'm currently planning on buying the GTX 1070 TI, with a Akitio Thunder 2 due to the fact that my Imac is only capable of TB2. I've been wondering if my i5 5250u cpu and TB2 will cut down the potential of the gpu, if so what should I do? And is it possible to get a Akitio Node with TB3 connected through a TB2 mac adapter and be able to make the card go? If the 1070 TI bottlenecks should I go with a 1060 6gb, a normal 1070 or a 1070 OC/SC?

Arjun Chandran

Bronze I
Staff member
First thing! Using a GPU on an external GPU dock itself will bottleneck as a thunderbolt connection is way slower than PCIe slot.
And the CPU is a bit old for a 1070Ti


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