The Apple WWDC 2019 Keynote Live Blog (Starts at 10am PT/17:00 UTC)


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We're here in sunny San Jose, California for the annual developer exodus that is Apple's World Wide Developers Conference. One part promotional event, one part trade show, and two parts developer training, WWDC is Apple's favored backdrop for revealing their plans for their product ecosystems for the next 12 months. Bundling the company's biggest keynote with a developer conference means that the company can use the high-profile keynote to explain their vision, and then immediately set out and help developers to bring them on-board.

While the focus is first and foremost on developers, WWDC has traditionally offered a mix of hardware and software announcements. On the hardware side of matters we've seen things such as the HomePod and iMac Pro, and farther back items such as MacBooks. The big question this year, however, is going to be about Apple's Mac Pro. The neglected desktop computer hasn't seen a significant update since it was launched in 2013, after Apple backed themselves into a corner on design. In 2017 the company admitted as much, announcing that their former flagship machine would be getting a complete design. It's been two years since that announcement, and if Apple finally has their new desktop ready, then WWDC would be the perfect venue to unveil it to the kind of professionals its aimed at.

We'll see what happens here in a few hours, when Tim Cook comes on stage to kick off the keynote at 10am Pacific.

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