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Tablet and phone gaming overrated.

Discussion in 'Mobile Gaming' started by Mr.Potatohead, Jan 27, 2017.

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  1. Mr.Potatohead

    Mr.Potatohead HummingBird

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    I bought an IPhone 7 plus in large part because I wanted to try out mobile gaming and the 7 plus is about as good as it gets for that.

    Unfortunately I'm just not that impressed with mobile games so far. IOS is apparently loads better than Android when it comes to gaming, but having sampled a fair amount of games I have to say so far I'm pretty disappointed. Even the new Super Mario game I just downloaded today seems like a pale comparison to the console versions of Mario, even though the graphics are sharper.

    Pretty much the only game that has kept my attention for any length of time is riptide renegade GP because of the gorgeous graphics and the novelty of controlling your bike by tilting the screen.

    This has been a major disappointment. Years ago I loved the Nintendo Gameboy, and I figured the graphics power of modern flagship phones would make mobile games so much better, but the games so far just seem really lame and repetitive.

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