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Discussion in 'Linux' started by Abhiram Shibu, Apr 21, 2017.

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  1. Abhiram Shibu

    Staff Member

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    This post is just made because i have wasted 60 minutes of my life copying and pasting apt-cache depends kali-linux-full to a text editor to install without some dependencies...

    Now no one have to waste time any more because i have done it for u.. ;-)

    beef-xss 0trace acccheck ace-voip afflib-tools aircrack-ng amap apache-users arping iputils-arping arpwatch arp-scan asleap automater autopsy backdoor-factory bbqsql bdfproxy bed binwalk blindelephant bluelog blueranger  bluesnarfer  bluez bluez-hcidump braa btscannerbullyburpsuite cabextract cadaver casefile cdpsnarf cewl cgpt chirp chkrootkit chntpw cisco-auditing-tool cisco-global-exploiter cisco-ocs cisco-torch clang clusterd commix cowpatty creddump cryptsetup crunch cryptcat curlftpfs cutycapt darkstat davtest dbd dcfldd dc3dd ddrescue deblaze dex2jar dhcpig dirb dirbuster dissy dmitry dnmap dnschef dns2tcp dnsenum dnstracer dnswalk dos2unix dotdotpwn driftnet dsniff  dumpzilla doona eapmd5pass enum4linux enumiax ethtool ettercap-graphical ewf-tools exiv2 exploitdb extundelete fcrackzip fern-wifi-cracker fierce fiked fimap findmyhash foremost flasm fping fragroute fragrouter framework2 ftester galleta funkload gdb ghost-phisher giskismet golismero gpp-decrypt grabber hackrf hamster-sidejack hash-identifier hexinject hexorbase hashid hping3 httrack hydra hydra-gtk i2c-tools iaxflood ifenslave ike-scan imagemagick inetsim  intersect inviteflood iodine jad javasnoop jboss-autopwn john johnny joomscan jsql keepnote keimpx killerbee king-phisher kismet laudanum lbd libfreefare-bin leafpad libhivex-bin libnfc-bin lynis magicrescue macchanger magictree maltegoce maltego-teeth mc hashdeep mdbtools mdk3 medusa memdump metasploit-framework mfcuk mfocmfterm mimikatz minicom miranda miredo missidentify mitmproxy multimac msfpc nbtscan nasm ncat-w32 ncrack ncurses-hexedit netdiscover netmask netsed netwag nfspy ngrep  nikto nipper-ng nishang nmap ohrwurm  onesixtyone ophcrack ophcrack-cli oscanner p0f pack padbuster paros pasco passing-the-hash patator pdfid pdf-parser pdgmail peepdf pev  pipal pixiewps plecost polenum powerfuzzer powersploit protos-sip proxychains  proxystrike proxytunnel ptunnel pwnat  pyrit  python-impacket python-rfidiot  python-scapy radare2 rake rcracki-mt safecopy readpst  reaver rebind recon-ng recordmydesktop recoverjpeg redfang redsocks reglookup responder rifiuti rifiuti2 rsmangler rtpbreak rtpflood sakis3g samdump2 sbd scalpel scrounge-ntfs sendemail set sfuzz sidguesser siege siparmyknife sipcrack sipp sipvicious skipfish sleuthkit  smali smbmap smtp-user-enum sniffjoke snmpcheck socat sparta spectools spooftooph sqlitebrowser   sqlmap sqlninja sqlsus sslcaudit ssldump sslh sslscan sslsniff sslstrip sslsplit sslyze stunnel4  suckless-tools sucrack swaks tcpflow tcpick tcpreplay termineter tftpd32 thc-ipv6 thc-pptp-bruter thc-ssl-dos theharvester tlssled tnscmd10g truecrack twofi u3-pwn ua-tester udptunnel uniscan unicornscan unix-privesc-check urlcrazy vboot-kernel-utils vboot-utils vim-gtk vinetto vlan voiphopper volafox volatility vpnc wafw00f wapiti wce webacoo webscarab webshells weevely winexe wfuzz whatweb wifi-honey wifitap wifite windows-binaries wireshark  wol-e wordlists  wpscan wvdial xpdf xprobe  xspy xsser xtightvncviewer  yersinia zaproxy zenmap zim
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