GeIL Demonstrates DDR4-5000 Memory Modules: Not for Sale


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The rather long lifespan of DDR4 memory has allowed manufacturers to learn how to build modules running at speeds and voltages well above those specified by JEDEC’s standard. Nowadays, leading makers of modules offer DDR4 memory rated for interface data rates of up to 4600+ MT/s. At Computex, GeIL demonstrated its Super Luce modules rated for 5000 MT/s, but will such modules hit the market?

Samsung’s legendary B-die chips enabled many professional overclockers to set records by hitting ultimate speeds. But while high-quality modules with cherry-picked chips are required to set records, they are not the only things that are needed for ultra-high speeds. Far not all CPUs and memory controllers can work in DDR4-5000 mode, GeIL says. In fact, only about 2% of processors can do this, so out of 50 CPUs only one can potentially hit such an extreme memory transfer rate.

Considering how rare processors with extremely potent memory controllers are, GeIL does not think that it makes a lot of sense to produce DDR4-5000 memory modules commercially as very few end users will be able to take advantage of such modules. So while GeIL (and probably other makers of advanced memory modules) can offer DDR4-5000 and even faster memory modules, it is unlikely that such devices will be made widely available.

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