FBI director James Comey will be interviewed at SXSW

Arjun Chandran

Bronze I
Staff member

FBI Director James Comey will be interviewed at the SXSW conference in Austin this year on March 13th. This would be the public’s first opportunity to really hear from Comey post-inauguration. The Washington, DC-based Newseum is hosting the talk, with the museum’s CEO Jeffrey Herbst interviewing the FBI director. The interview will focus on the “tensions between privacy and national security” and understanding the “challenges to our rights in the age of disruption.”

Comey is reportedly keeping his job at the FBI, which was in limbo before Donald Trump took office last week. The 10-year position is designed to overlap administrations, but the president has the power to fire a director. That said, Comey is going to be balancing a delicate...

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