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Doogee F5 unable to charge

Discussion in 'Smartphones' started by Gokul raj, Jan 27, 2017.

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  1. Gokul raj

    Gokul raj ARC Initiate

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    Please help, i have my Doogee F5 for 1year and now i can't charge it, actually i can when i get the cable right but that is 1 in 20 times, is my charging port detached from charging port, or is my charghing port dead, or is battery the problem, still i didn't opened the phone, is it possible that the problem is system? When i plug phone in wall with original charger after about 5-10mins happends this on image, but if i get cable right, it stays at arround 1250mA+. Doogee F5 charger is 2 amp charger, and battery is 2660mA 3.8V Li-ion


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