1. firoskhan

    How to download stock ROM forSamsung galaxy s duos gts7562

    Which is the latest official update of samsung galaxy s duos gts7562...?? How to download its official stock rom 4.2 jelly bean...??
  2. Arjun Chandran

    [Solved] Bypass FRP in Samsung Galaxy J2 (J200G)

    I have asked for help in Resetting Factory Lock Protection on my friend's Samsung Galaxy J2 here. Since nobody here could help me with that I found a solution for it and it works, for this process, you will need a PC with the following softwares installed. Download and Install: SideSync...
  3. Arjun Chandran

    What's this thing on Samsung Galaxy J2?

    I just noticed a small thing which can be opened, besides the rear flash of a Samsung Galaxy J2. I opened it:cool: looks like a circuit board :eek:. What's that? I have attached the images of it.:confused:
  4. Arjun Chandran

    How to re-software Samsung Galaxy J2 SM-J200G/DD

    My friend's Samsung Galaxy J2 SM-J200G/DD has some kind of software issue that it won't respond to touches and will have to be rebooted. So he reseted the phones using the stock recovery options. Now when it boots it asks for Google login like always and then again it gets stuck no response. He...
  5. SwampFire

    Samsung Announces Commercial Launch Of 5G Products Portfolio

    Samsung Electronics unveiled its end-to-end portfolio of 5G mobile network products and solutions for 2017 that will provide foundation for the first commercial 5G network launches expected in 2018. Showcased products included consumer devices for fixed wireless access connectivity, a 5G Radio...