oneplus 3t

  1. Aromal

    8GB RAM! Is OnePlus pushing the limits with OnePlus5?

    So yesterday OnePlus launched their next flagship the OnePlus 5 and it has a whopping 8GB or DDR4 RAM. That is insane, not so long ago they launched the OnePlus 3/3T, it has a 6GB RAM and even till now many brands did not catch up. So how did they came up with 8GB RAM so fast?
  2. Abhiram Shibu

    Dash charging while powered off

    I really have a question. We cant uses apps to check if phone is dash charging while powered off. But Will it dash charge while the device is powered off? Idk but % seems to be moving fast. @Prasoon Mehra
  3. Abhiram Shibu

    TipsyOS [7.1.1][ONEPLUS 3/3T][EXT4][2017-2-21][F2FS][Google-TC]

    *Welcome to Tipsy* This is a slim based rom with lot of goodies added and awesomeness of RRO Layers. This rom is for people who want to stick to stability+performance accompanied with a slim base. I am the mantainer for this rom. This rom is well tested before release so expect a major...