1. Rushi Chaudhari

    Is there a selfish net for ubuntu ?

    I had this beautiful software selfishnet on windows10 which limits wifi speed of users. for demo you can watch this How to do this in ubuntu ?.Or can some expert write a script for this ?.
  2. Abhiram Shibu


    KALI LINUX ALL DEPENDANCY LIST READY TO USE! This post is just made because i have wasted 60 minutes of my life copying and pasting apt-cache depends kali-linux-full to a text editor to install without some dependencies... Now no one have to waste time any more because i have done it for u...
  3. Arjun Chandran

    CVE-2016-10229: Linux kernel vulnerability makes all Android devices and Linux system vulnerable.

    the Linux kernel broke a high-risk vulnerability (CVE-2016-10229), before the system Linux kernel version 4.5, when recv to MSG_PEEK flag is called, the attacker can be triggered by UDP. An insecure secondary checksum calculation, in order to remotely execute the code, may cause the system to be...
  4. Abhiram Shibu


    DESTROYER KERNEL Destroyer kernel is a modified version of Linux Kernel. It mainly originated for serving power users and was modified towards performance. With the high demand for battery life, we made modifications in such a way that we can get both performance as well as...
  5. Arjun Chandran

    [Solved] Decrease contrast in Linux KDE

    I was just checking Linux on my PC and i noticed that it has more yellow tint. Later i found that it due to increased contrast in Linux. I'm not a code lover so i checked for GUI solutions to adjust contrast, but no solution. Is there anyway by which i can reduce the screen contrast. This is...