1. Arjun Chandran

    Will Intel i7-7740K and i5-7640K defeat AMD RYZEN

    Yes, Intel seems to be a bit concerned about RYZEN launch and so they are working on new i5 and i7 CPUs based on kabylake architecture. And the company is so confident that they can tackle AMD RYZEN chips. The new CPUs are i5-7640K and i7-7740K. For the i7-7740K the clock speeds are rated 4.3...
  2. littlewit

    [Solved] i3 7350K or i5 models?

    I heard about the new Intel 7th generation KabyLake i3 unlocked model which can be overclocked to 5Ghz. So is it any better?
  3. littlewit

    Are there any motherboard supporting the KabyLake CPU?

    Is there any motherboard that will support the new 7th generation Intel KabyLake processor?