1. hitmanlol

    Google Voice Typing - GBoard

    I use GBoard by Google as default Keyboard on my phone. It really helps me while I am driving or if I have to write a long reply to someone. I just press the voice button it starts converting voice into text but the problem is that how you break the line or put a full stop while voice typing? It...
  2. hitmanlol

    Google Confirms 48 People Fired In Two Years Over Sexual Harassment

    Woooaa! Google is on FIRE. :) Full Stroy:
  3. Arjun Chandran

    I found my Google Chrome app Easter Egg!

    After MKBHD tweeted about the easter egg he found on Google Chrome app for Android it soon went viral. And now i tried it myself. The thing is the if you open 100 tabs in Chrome then it wont be counted like 101,102 etc.. instead Chrome will show a smile :) on regular tabs and after 100 incognito...
  4. Arjun Chandran

    My first impressions of ThinkWithGoogle is Awesome!

    Recently I got a notice in Chrome browser saying about googles new tool for webmasters, and I checked it out. From the first view I really loved it, it presented everything very well. The design at ThinkWithGoogle was really impressive. Well, I'm actually a fan of their material UI. But there is...