1. Abhiram Shibu

    AOSGPX mido [7.1.2][07-06-2017]

    TEAM DESTROYER **PRESENTS** UNOFFICIAL Specialities- 1) Improved and stable update scheme. 2) @Arjun Chandran is the official tester so, damn stable. 3) So many customizations. Bugs(Known and I am trying to fix) 1) Camera focus exposure bouncing. 2) Flash looks like sunlight.(Dual tone not...
  2. Abhiram Shibu

    TipsyOS [7.1.1][ONEPLUS 3/3T][EXT4][2017-2-21][F2FS][Google-TC]

    *Welcome to Tipsy* This is a slim based rom with lot of goodies added and awesomeness of RRO Layers. This rom is for people who want to stick to stability+performance accompanied with a slim base. I am the mantainer for this rom. This rom is well tested before release so expect a major...