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  1. LeaKloss

    what hdd is good as external backup devise?

    any WD drive with big capacity (around 2TB) is good for your needs. If you struggling with data loss you can try to go to dr service and they can extract data that you think unrecoverable.
  2. LeaKloss

    Can someone help me? my iPhone drops in a pool

    The other day I dropped my iPhone X in a pool, it looked good at first, was turn on few hours and then black screen and not responding. Went to Apple store, they did diagnostic and said that there is nothing they can do(( ok, I can deal with it, but I wonder - is there any chance to extract info...
  3. LeaKloss

    Video Quality option missing from YouTube app

    try this- - select the 3 dots in the right corner - Settings -Is Play HD on Wi-Fi only enabled or disabled? Does switching that help?
  4. LeaKloss

    GTX 750ti for roughly Rs. 4,386.72 on AliExpress

    For my opinion not good idea. You don't save much money, have risk getting lower quality product, and if something breaks- you can not get it repaired.