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  1. littlewit

    Which noise canceling headset with a decent mic should i get?

    Logitech has great options for gaming headsets.
  2. littlewit

    What's this thing on Samsung Galaxy J2?

    Woo that's looks like something that I'm not sure about :rolleyes:
  3. littlewit

    Can this setup run GTA 5 and NFS 2015?

    You will get good game play experience in low to medium setting maybe 50+FPS but not good for high end gaming. GTX1050Ti is basically 750Ti on steroids so 1060 would be a better choice :)
  4. littlewit

    Harddisk 2TB

    Good choice :)
  5. littlewit

    Samsung galaxy j2 not booting.

    Try to factory reset from the recovery and if it still doesnt solve your issue then try to flash the stock ROM
  6. littlewit

    What happened to Prince of Persia game series !!

    Yeah Assassins Creed series offered somewhat the same game play experience and brought more profit to the company so they might have dumped the POP series.
  7. littlewit

    #Pancake - $600 Ryzen 5 build.

    mmmmm cool for the price. What about RYZEN 2nd gen?
  8. littlewit

    What happened to Crysis game series? Crysis 4 Launch?

    No other game is going to give you that feel :) . Crysis is :heart:
  9. littlewit

    Does cpu matters when installing os?

    Yes your processor should support the 64bit length.
  10. littlewit

    GTX 750ti for roughly Rs. 4,386.72 on AliExpress

    Alliexpress is good i guess but they have long delivery time :(
  11. littlewit

    How is this build?.

    8GB of RAM is now the recommended minimum.
  12. littlewit

    Hard disk clicking sound

    That clicking sound is the actuator arm assembly returning back to its parked position forcefully, because it doesn’t know where to go, and can’t initialize. If this happens too many times, it will cause damage to the read/write heads rendering the drive useless, and data inaccessible without a...
  13. littlewit

    How mine Bitcoin on PC?(ft.GTX1050Ti, RYZEN 1500X)

    Mining on GTX 1050Ti is it profitable? And does the graphics memory matter in mining?
  14. littlewit

    What if we make an android app for ARC Total

    That would be a great thing! Make it more interactive :)
  15. littlewit

    Looking pretty

    Looking pretty
  16. littlewit

    Dual 4G Standby on Redmi Note 4

    That's not possible as i think it's a hardware related thing.
  17. littlewit

    How is this build?.

    If you are looking to build a good gaming PC under $600 then check this thread #Pancake - $600 Ryzen 5 build. .
  18. littlewit

    How is this build?.

    1050Ti :( and 8GB RAM :confused: won't give good gaming experience. Rest is good but not a console killer yet.
  19. littlewit

    I need a good headphone , What are you rocking with?

    I looking to get a pair of headphones for gaming, watching movies and to listen to music. What's your recommendation?
  20. littlewit

    Cheapest Android Phone with the best Camera?

    Honor 6X offers dual camera is a low budget!