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    How to download stock ROM forSamsung galaxy s duos gts7562

    Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich
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    Can this setup run GTA 5 and NFS 2015?

    Yeah Sure this spec can run most games in low and medium settings. But don't expect a good gameplay experience.
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    Crysis stopped working during a mission! How to fix?

    Crysis 1 has been known to have issue with newer windows versions, maybe cus of that.
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    Will i5-5250U CPU bottleneck a GTX 1070 ti?

    1060 or above would be a good choice but 1070 will be overkill.
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    MIUI 10 Alpha 8.6.26 For Redmi Note 4X (Mido) (Updated)

    Yeah and it appears to be buggy. Maybe Xiaomi added it as an experiment, i think it will be removed in the stable version or in the global version. Waiting for the Global version. In the alpha build many apps tend to stop working. Can't add multiple accounts in Instagram etc..
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    MIUI 10 Alpha 8.6.26 For Redmi Note 4X (Mido) (Updated)

    The Alpha version of the Global MIUI 10 has been released to testers and here is the download link. Alpha Versions are highly Unstable and can brick your device so flash at your own risk. This is the china ROM and doesn't contain GApps, to get GApps download Pico Gapps for 7.0 ARM64 from...
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    Good morning!

    Good morning!
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    Yeaaah! Cool make it fast...
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    8GB RAM! Is OnePlus pushing the limits with OnePlus5?

    So yesterday OnePlus launched their next flagship the OnePlus 5 and it has a whopping 8GB or DDR4 RAM. That is insane, not so long ago they launched the OnePlus 3/3T, it has a 6GB RAM and even till now many brands did not catch up. So how did they came up with 8GB RAM so fast?
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    Beginners guide for unlocking Redmi Note 4

    But why should we wait for a week or more?
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    Wow Nice ROM. Works like charm!
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    Air Coolers Cooling Pad Vs USB Vacuum Cooler for laptop, which is better?

    Definitely, a cooling pad can do better. It will try to cool more area.
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    Which camera is MKBHD using?

    That's a wickedly expensive camera!
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    First Look: Samsung Galaxy S8

    WOW S8! When with Samsung cut down the prices?
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    Mavic Pro launched! Why is DJI bringing new products soon?

    Because that's how they hold the market! :cool:
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    OnePlus3 <3

    OnePlus3 <3
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    19 inch dual monitor setup or Utra wide ?

    Single 30 inch or dual 30 inch is my dream cause 19 inch is too small and ultra wide is only good for productivity. If you wanna watch a movie in ultra wide then it will be too stretched.