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  1. Arjun Chandran

    Lenovo vs hp

    Okay mate
  2. Arjun Chandran

    Games and Windows Crashing unexpectedly in Windows 10 on Ryzen 1500X

    Im trying to game on my New PC and most games crashes ath most unexpected moments. I tried GTA V, Sniper Ghost Warrior 3, Just Cause 3, Moto GP 18. All these games crashes at some point randomly and some the whole system crashes and reboots. Im using a Ryzen 1500X over clocked at 3.8Ghz and...
  3. Arjun Chandran

    Lenovo vs hp

    If you are looking for a goof gaming laptop then skip 1050 series atleast get 1060 or higher. This post looks more like a copy paste from Tom's hardware!
  4. Arjun Chandran

    Is it possible to mod on-ear headphones to over-ear headphones ?

    There isn't any mods available but you are try some DIY way to make the cups bigger.
  5. Arjun Chandran

    Allocating RAM to Graphics Card

    IGPU? Integrated Graphics? I guess it's only possible with integrated graphics like Intel.
  6. Arjun Chandran

    Any info on the water cooled ASUS RTX2080?

    Linustechtips added a new video on a water cooled RTX 2080, is it any better?
  7. Arjun Chandran

    Which camera is MKBHD using?

    Yeah RED has an amazing color science and sharpness.
  8. Arjun Chandran

    Which are the best Mobile games for 2018?

    PUBG is the King so far
  9. Arjun Chandran

    how to record the PubG in game internal sounds

    You can try AppPowerSoft recorder app on your android. Or install PUBG on your PC using Bluestack or PUBG's official emulator and use PC software to record.
  10. Arjun Chandran

    EMUI 9.0 Update

    When is there is an official stable update released, you will definitely get the OTA update.
  11. Arjun Chandran

    Address Book

    Actually I'm still not getting what you mean :sweat:
  12. Arjun Chandran

    Migrating to a new Windows desktop

    Looks like you only have data to migrate so just copy it to new disk :)
  13. Arjun Chandran

    Video Quality option missing from YouTube app

    Its got solved when i changed the ROM
  14. Arjun Chandran

    Choosing between 3 motherboards (B360 chipset)

    I don't know why but love ASUS motherboards, and ROG is just awesome. I would go with Asus ROG STRIX B360-G GAMING.
  15. Arjun Chandran

    Ryzen 1500X 4K Video Editing setup, what upgrades to make?

    I'm have a Ryzen 1500X build with the following specs: Ryzen 1500x (Obviously) Adata XPG 3000Mhz RAM 8GB Sandisk 120GB SSD (For Windows) 1TB Seagate Barracuda HDD Nvidia GTX 1050Ti Asus ROG B350-F Motherboard When I'm editing 4K videos on Premier Pro, whole system just crashes at random times...
  16. Arjun Chandran

    SSD or increasing RAM, which is better?

    Anyways i made a full PC upgrade now im rocking an SSD and a fast RAM but still 8GB :(
  17. Arjun Chandran


    This is not a game or torrent sharing forum :(