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  1. hitmanlol

    My Cyber Monday Shopping: VPN Plan for 5-years and GTX 660

    Well, I had very limited savings for this holiday season around $180. That's why I was looking for a discount Graphics Card under $60 to run Fortnite, PUBG, and BO4 because I spent the rest of my amount buying a VPN subscription at $79 for the 5-year plan by PureVPN. I looked almost on every VPN...
  2. hitmanlol

    Google Voice Typing - GBoard

    I use GBoard by Google as default Keyboard on my phone. It really helps me while I am driving or if I have to write a long reply to someone. I just press the voice button it starts converting voice into text but the problem is that how you break the line or put a full stop while voice typing? It...
  3. hitmanlol

    Any Black Friday Deals Available on VPNs?

    Looking for a reliable VPN to buy this Black Friday. If any VPN is available on the best discount then drop the deal here, please. I am also researching.
  4. hitmanlol

    EMUI 9.0 Update

    Hi, I saw earlier that Huawei has launched their EMUI 9.0 Android Pie update in Berlin but I haven't received any update in my phone. I am using Mate 10 Lite and I am in the USA. Please help. I need to upgrade my device to EMUI 9.0
  5. hitmanlol

    Google Confirms 48 People Fired In Two Years Over Sexual Harassment

    Woooaa! Google is on FIRE. :) Full Stroy:
  6. hitmanlol

    Anyone interested in playing PUBG Mobile with me?

    Hi! I am new here. In fact, this is my first activity here :D & I am already talking about PUBG. :D Well, any PUBG enthusiast here?