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    need data recovery software

    does someone know good software to extract delited files from my mac laptop?
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    Hard disk clicking sound

    obviously problems with read/write heads. you can try to fix HDD itself first, idk can you do it by yourself or not. You can try this recovery service - helped me. The type of clicking helps experienced recovery technicians know which solutions to pursue based on the probable cause of the problem.
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    Can someone help me? my iPhone drops in a pool

    Best advise for future - do a backup! Icloud is super comfy for apple devices. About extract the contacts and other - try this guys They helped me ones, did great job.
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    Best monitor under 10k - Dell S2216H

    BenQ GW2255HM. pretty good
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    i'll never buy anything from NVIDIA ever again, they don't respect customers and don't deserve our money

    Interesting that the Warranty info and especially its transferrability is so well hidden that its very common to see GPUs being resold with "30 month warranty" even though it's a brand that does not allow the warranty to be transferred.